The Value of Athletics

Why Education-Based Athletics

People who played competitive sports in high school demonstrate more confidence, leadership and self-respect. They are better at setting goals and managing their time. They have a better appreciation for diversity and a more developed sense of morality.

6 Benefits of Participating in High School Sports:

  1. Physical Health and Wellness
  2. Leadership and Teamwork Skills
  3. Mentorship
  4. Time Management
  5. Improved Academics
  6. Accountability and Responsibility

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Why High School Football?


The Value of Athletics Podcast

Interview based podcast supporting the Value of Athletics in an education-based environment. 

The purpose of education-based athletics is child growth and development. Important life skills such as leadership, teamwork, and communication along with character traits such as perseverance and sportsmanship are taught on a daily basis through the vehicle of sport.

Host: Coach P - Jim Pusateri

To be a guest on the podcast forward request to [email protected]