Dream Job - Finding Your Life Passion

This master class helps you determine what your passion or purpose is in life and then how to make it your career. When you match your passion with your career (what you love to do) you never work a day in your life!
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The 1st phase towards success.

  1. Passion (find your purpose and make it your career)
  2. Goal Setting - Your Life Blueprint for obtaining everything you want in your life
  3. Mindset - Mental Performance or Mental Toughness developing the ability to MOVE FORWARD under pressure. 
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Find Your Purpose

Find your interests, special abilities and values  to determine your passion. (passion make it your career)

Determining My Career

Understand how to match your passion to your career, how to research occupations and make a career decision. 4-Steps to decision making


This course shows you how to apply for your dream job, give you interviewing skills and tips for use in the interview and after along with the 25 questions that are asked in an interview. 

Master Class Lessons

This class comes with 17 lessons, along with how to videos to help you Find your Passion and Dream Job and combine them for a career of happiness.

Testimonial: ““This man has been a HUGE inspiration to me. He has taught me the meaning of perseverance. We motivated each other in good times and through bad. Was a pleasure to work with him and be a part of his journey. Grateful for you Jim Pusateri - Coach "P" Life is full of temporary situations. It's how you respond and your actions following. Forever grateful! ””

Penny Paulos

Dream Job - Find Your Life Passion

Discover how to take your interest, special abilities and values and turn them into your life career. When you make your passion your career you never work a day in your life! 

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