Looking to Achieve all your Dreams!

Goal Setting: Your Life Blueprint

This master class teaches you a step by step process on how to write down your goals, break them into action steps and then into smaller tasks that are schedule daily to achieve success or whatever it is you want out of life.


"Dreamers Dream - But Goal Setters Achieve"


Why are Goals important?

Simply put without them you achieve nothing!

Goals have value only if they help you develop and improve yourself or others potential.

Benefits of Goals:

Provides Direction

Improves Decision Making

Gives you purpose in life

Gives you control of your future/ life

Provides Motivation

Coach P - Jim Pusateri Instructor

30 Years of Business Experience

High School Teacher - Business

Masters Degree in Education

Teaching Cerifications in Business, Social Science, Health and Physcial Fitness

Here's What You'll Learn

With this master class you on your way to achieving all of your Dreams.

  • Instructor Videos (Coach P - Jim Pusateri)
  • 13 Goal Setting lessons
  • Sample Goal template
  • Achieving Your Goal with Mental Performance Training (Bonus)
  • Access to FREE Daily Podcast to support your journey. "Good Morning Minute of Inspiration"

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