Top 10 questions you need answered before accepting that new head football coaching position

Episode #2: Top 10 Question you need answered before accepting that New Head Football Coach Position

Looking to become a Head Football Coach or move to another School? Make sure you get the answers to these top 10 questions before you make that decision.

1.       Why did the last Head Coach leave or get fired?

2.       Who will be my Supervisor or go to person be?

3.       Do I get to hire my own Staff?

4.       From the last staff who do you think is a good fit or bad fit?

5.       Is the administration and faculty supportive of the football program?

6.       What is the budget for football program and how much does the school contribute?

7.       What type of faculties do we have? (i.e.: weight room, locker rooms, game field, press box, practice field, coach’s office)

8.       Do the youth programs use our fields and who are the feeder programs and schools?

9.       Is there a parent’s group or booster club?

10.   Is the school enrollment declining or rising?


The answer to these questions should give you a good foundation of information to determine is this job for me? Many new head coaches jump at the first opportunity that comes their way, thinking they will be able to do what they know it takes to start-up or turn around a football program. The problem is they never find out about these top 10 questions until there on the job and by then it’s way too late.

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