Creating your programs image or message: Branding, what message is your program sending

Episode #4 - Creating your programs image or message: BRANDING: WHAT MESSAGE IS YOUR PROGRAM SENDING? What’s your programs tradition? 

? Today’s topic: Creating your programs image or message: BRANDING: WHAT MESSAGE IS YOUR PROGRAM SENDING? What’s your programs tradition?

Companies spend millions of dollars creating and cultivating their image and developing their brand.  What do you do to shape the image of your program and develop your brand?  Branding may not be on the agenda of your weekly staff meetings, but it certainly should be.

I’ll bet if you go to each of your coaches and ask them what your team’s brand is.  No one can clearly articulate it. Chances are, most of you have never thought about creating your brand.

Your first step is to define what your brand should be, identify what your brand currently is and how to bring those two together.  Ask questions of your current staff, student-athletes and alumni about what they would think of as the image of your program, what your brand looks like.  Make sure the focus is on the image of the team as a whole or the program as a historical entity.

The second step is to develop messaging about your brand.  From building language into your own team message, to how your viewed on social media, everything should reflect your brand and reinforce your image.

Listen to the Podcast for the other seven steps! 


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