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Master the 3-Phases of Achievement

"Dreamers Dream, but Goal Setters Achieve"

What you'll get:

1. Dream Job - Finding your life passion master class:

17 lessons and How to Videos showing you how to find your passion in life and make it your career so you never work a day in your life! 

You get:

  • 17 Lessons and How to Videos
  • How to determine your interest, special abilities and work values
  • How to use your interests, special abilities and values to determine your passion or purpose in life
  • Information on how to research occupations, and match them to your passion along with career decision making
  • 4-Steps to making decisions 
  • How to apply for your dream job
  • Interviewing Skills
  • The interview and after tips
  • 25 questions asked in an interview
  • Bonus lesson: Becoming a business owner and Goal Setting 

2. Goal Setting - Your life blueprint master class:

  • Instructor Videos (Coach P - Jim Pusateri)
  • 13 Goal Setting lessons
  • Sample Goal template
  • Achieving Your Goal with Mental Performance Training (Bonus)
  • Access to FREE Daily Podcast to support your journey. "Good Morning Minute of Inspiration"

With this course you are on your way to achieving everything you want in this world. Congrats on developing your Greatest and Success!

3.  Mindset - Mental Performance Master Class:

  • 19 lessons and How to Videos showing you how to developed the Mental Toughness to Succeed. The ability to MOVE FORWARD under Pressure.

    What you'll get:

    • 19 Lessons and How to Videos
    • 3-Phases of Success Lesson
    • How the mind works
    • Keys to developing a Positive Mindset
    • Tips for improving your concentration (Focus)
    • 5-steps to building your self-confidence
    • Tips for establishing success habits
    • Self-Discipline and Time Management lessons
    • 5-P's to Success: Passion, Perception, Perspective, Progressing and Perseverance.
    • Bonus lesson: Leadership and Character Skill Development.

What People Are Saying:

Your words of wisdom are 100% right and I am going to go back and use them on me, myself and I when I become discouraged! The quitter is the failure! I love it! Thank you!

Mike McLane

Great message today Coach! Your minute of inspiration has kept me moving forward up these unprecedented circumstances.

Tony Gulla

The true gift is when you finally find your purpose. I have done that and I am truly blessed to hear this message. Keep shedding light and love coach.

Sparkle Lindsay

Coach P. My name is Chica. You truly make my morning each and every morning thank you for bringing a little hope in my mornings.

Mr. Chikodinaka Oguledo

Engaging and Inspiring "Good Morning Minute of Inspiration Podcast" Thank you for sharing the interesting, engaging and inspiring podcast. Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but way more difficult to regret Rob Wuijster – Netherlands

Rob Wuijster

This man has been a HUGE inspiration to me. He has taught me the meaning of perseverance. We motivated each other in good times and through bad. Was a pleasure to work with him and be a part of his journey. Grateful for you Jim Pusateri - Coach "P" Life is full of temporary situations. It's how you respond and your actions following. Forever grateful!

Penny Paulos